Exploring Faith Podcast with Lee Rankinen

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Lee Rankinen started his career focused on the sports industry, working with the Philadelphia Eagles. He quickly realized that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Shortly thereafter he attended Pepperdine University where he befriended his now business partner, Justin Malik, and earned his MBA. Lee’s passions include personal development, health, finance, and building businesses. He spends the majority of his time outside of work with his wife (Joc Marie of Optimal Relationships Daily) and son. They love to travel and explore as frequently as possible as a family.

Optimal Living Daily was created as a passion project, wanting to create a business that would offer much more fulfillment. We were always discussing our interest for personal development and minimalism and wanted to create a side project in that space; Justin thought it would be an interesting idea to curate and read the best blog content that we could find with author permission. They have launched four other shows since then and have had over 50 million downloads.

  • What is the life of an entrepreneur like?
  • What are you learning and motivated to develop?
  • What is the why underneath our choices and behaviors?